September 28, 2016 admin

Saltire Society Mapping

Central Scotland

In 2016 we worked alongside the Saltire Society to produce the initial mapping for the winners of the Saltire Awards throughout their history. The varying decades are curated on top of a Google Map with each number (as highlighted above) a previous winner. By clicking on these in would bring up a series of pieces of information regarding each building. At this point, in the early embers of the project, we have chosen one building from each decade and showed what that could look like graphically by combining the Saltire Society branding and project information. These could be pop up pages that are part of the map in the future. Below are some of the examples which we worked up so far.








The map is still under construction but we hope we’ll be able to bring it to you sooner rather than later!

There are a number of ways in which this map could develop and many funding opportunities which could be used to develop the idea further. It is always interesting to see how others are interested in representing data  – if you would like to work with us on developing something similar for your project then don’t hesitate to contact us in a number of different ways.