We are a research and design collective with innovative and strategic design thinking at its core.

Our practice emerged from an architectural masters project that responded to social, economic, political and environmental changes within the northern region.

Since then we have worked collaboratively with communities, governments and institutions at a local, national and international level - focusing on making long-lasting and meaningful interventions that help people describe, understand and develop the spaces and communities they experience every day.

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See Scotland differently. See its land, its people, its culture, its resources. See its place in the world. See a different future.

Scotland: An Atlas of Opportunity investigates six key themes including Scotland’s history, culture and global stories across 30 maps which sets Scotland in its national and international context.

Druim nan Linntean, ridge of ages, is Scotland’s first ecomuseum, developed and designed alongside the local community.

Offering shorelines, mountains and hidden lochs, waterfalls, dinosaur footprints and traditional ways of life, the principles of Druim nan Linntean is as unique as the landscape it is set within.

100 Years. 100 Stories. 100 Students. 100 Prints.

Over the past five years (2014-2019), 100 years on from World War I, the Scottish Commemorations Panel have been asking the question ‘what do we learn from all this?’

As our future moves north, the Arctic Hyperloop connects communities around the Arctic Ocean.

Sitting as the north-west American gateway to the Arctic, Anchorage establishes itself as a hub along the Arctic Loop, taking advantage of its geographical position and its access to the resources of the future.

Representing Scotland at the 2016 Venice Biennale, Prospect North explores Scotland and its relationship to its northern neighbours.

The immersive exhibition utilises augmented and virtual reality to map infrastructures, industries and populations, explore a multitude of communities throughout Scotland who have worked closely with architects or designers, and investigates the past, present and future designs of Scotland’s vernacular architecture.

Exploring, learning about and discovering the architecture, design and heritage of Paisley town centre alongside Renfrewshire primary students.

Primary students from throughout Renfrewshire take on the guise of architects for five weeks as they map, survey, drawn, model and augment Paisley town centre - an ongoing project with primary schools from throughout the area.