About Us

Glasgow Covid-19 Response has been developed to this point by a variety of authors. As the project develops we will continue to add contributors to this page, and details of their input and projects.

The project grew out of discussions between friends and frequent collaborators, all experiencing the combination of pandemic-induced malaise, anxiety, fear, hope and bewilderment that has become common in people around the world.

Like many of those people, we thought we should try and do something that made the place we call home better...and that made it more resilient.

This entire initiative is, therefore, being developed ‘for good’. Those involved are volunteering their time towards imagining a different, and better Glasgow. We know it will not be perfect - that it will need to be refined and adapted to circumstance - and that (we hope) there will be many other loose associations of people out there thinking and doing the same things in this moment...so we are actively seeking collaborators.

We hope that you can contribute your ideas if you live in Glasgow, and that if you live elsewhere that you can instigate similar conversations, projects and ideas for your community, to become a more resilient place.

We are all in this together.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to collaborate on this project with us: collaborate@lateralnorth.com

Lateral North

Lateral North are a research and design collective, who have developed a number of projects throughout Scotland and internationally - including representing Scotland at the 2016 Venice Biennale. We will act as curators, initiators, guides, publishers, and as the ‘connective tissue’ for this initiative.

Our projects focus on developing ideas alongside communities through a focussed, inclusive creative engagement process. In the crisis we face as a global community, we want to explore how the place we all live and work in can be adapted to address the challenges being posed by Covid-19, and engage with people throughout Glasgow to develop these ideas.

We strongly believe that many of these ideas (from developing vacant and derelict land into greenspaces through to making the city a more walkable and cyclable place) will have huge benefits to our health and wellbeing in the short term, and in the long term ensure that our city becomes a more resilient one with less pollution, and in turn addressing much larger issues such as the climate emergency.

Fergus Bruce

Fergus is Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Services at Sublime, and has been collaborating with Lateral North since 2016; where he led the Soluis Group’s involvement in ‘Prospect North’ (The Scottish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale). He has since been involved with us on projects in Iceland, Scotland, and Alaska, and worked closely with Lateral North in developing the initial concept behind this initiative.

Laura McHard

Laura is an award-winning multi-disciplinary creative. Her career has taken her from architecture to advertising, from video content to tech-driven experiential, working for brands such as UEFA, Radisson Hotel Group, Tottenham Hotspur and the National Trust for Scotland. She has collaborated with Lateral North since the 2016 Venice Biennale exhibition. Laura has helped shape the strategy for this initiative, developing the project vision and graphic assets for launch.

Steve Colmer

Steve Colmer runs Soluis Heritage, a dedicated Museum, Heritage & Culture practice focusing on developing new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to showcase stories in unique and inspiring ways.

Originally collaborating with us in 2016, we have since developed several other projects alongside him and the wider Soluis team. Living in close proximity to the Caledonia Road Church he believes that this unique piece of heritage should be transformed into an urban garden for the local community, combining heritage and growing. He is responsible for many of the renders developed for the ideas within this project.

Jamie Cooke

Jamie Cooke is the Head of RSA Scotland, leading the organisation’s work across a broad range of topics and thematic areas. Areas of interest include resilient cities, the future of work, inclusive growth and civic participation, alongside international relationships between Scotland and the rest of the world.

Jamie is a leading advocate, writer and speaker on the subject of Basic Income, which has moved from being a fringe concept to live policy discussion in many countries, including Scotland. He has collaborated with us in looking at the idea of what a new Glasgow could look like, through the lens of Doughnut Economics and basic income. You can connect with him on Twitter @JamieACooke

The Design Weans

The Design Weans is Glasgow’s branch of The Design Kids, which is an international organisation aiming to bridge the gap between design students/grads and the design industry. We have been going for two years now, running workshops, talks, networking evenings and exhibitions for Glasgow's creatives. We have a popular Glasgow based social following on instagram, over at @thedesignweans, and our parent organisation @thedesignkids has a very large global following.

Alex Asvegren

Alex has created the website you are currently using at breakneck speed to ensure we have an online repository of ideas that is constantly being updated.

In his day job he is a web developer and game designer. If you are looking for something to do in lockdown why not check out his latest game which can be found here.