A Glasgow Response to Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put our planet, its people, societies, economies and environments at a collective crossroads: do we return back to the comforts and inefficiencies of life as it once was...or is it time to create a world anew?

We choose the latter.

In the midst of a global health crisis, Lateral North (like many others around the world) sees this moment as an opportunity for profound and positive change.

A blank page.

And as we’ve spent our days inside, we have started to question the nature of ‘outside’.

The city around us, its places and spaces.

Looking out onto empty streets, we can see that Glasgow - the ‘Dear Green Place’ - is in fact a lot more grey than green.

So, over the coming weeks and months, we want to reimagine a greener, more resilient Glasgow.

And we invite curious, compelled, and inventive Glaswegians to get involved; regardless of their discipline, background, or status.

We want to collaborate through this crisis, building ideas that explore how our city and its society can be more connected, sustainable, and resilient post-pandemic. Specifically, we want to explore how this can be done by adapting existing communal and forgotten spaces around us.

With crisis there are crossroads.
With crossroads there is change.
And with change there is creativity.

Get involved!