After our city streets emptied, confining us to the boundaries of our flats and houses, it became clear that, for many, ‘Dear Green’ Glasgow is not so green after all - it in fact seems a lot more grey than green.

Over weeks of lockdown and socially distanced living across Scotland, photographers (both professional and amateur) have been documenting the bemusing, beautiful, and often surprisingly profound way life has looked.

They have been documenting how we have adapted to the circumstances, and how we have adapted our public and private spaces.

Some of the simple moves presented here could - and should - be upscaled and applied to much larger the vast amount of vacant and derelict land within Glasgow - what can we do with it? Who could do it? How quickly could it be done?

Captured by Glasgow-based Picture This Simon and narrated by Ricky Ross, ‘Glasgow in Lockdown’ asks us to consider how we could easily give forgotten or stalled spaces back to local people, transforming them into new parks, into places to grow, and spaces to breathe.

By rethinking, reimagining and redesigning, can we also ensure that the streets which have remained vacant throughout lockdown don’t return to their former polluted past?

We’re asking all interested parties - and not just those based in Glasgow - to collaborate with us, and with each other in developing a greener, sustainable, and more resilient Glasgow.