What is this?

Lateral North-X (LN-X) is a new home for everything we're working on that sits outside, adjacent to, or sometimes miles away from our live project work.

LN-X will host our more experimental or tentative ideas, most of which we will have initiated ourselves. Here we'll share projects that don't have a home yet; ideas we're working up and want to share; and a platform for exchanging ideas.

It is a new place we will use to explore, through research and design, some of the broad challenges facing our communities, cities and nations.

We’ve established LN-X in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, so it is the pandemic - and specifically life after it - that will be the first challenge we explore.

We want to use this platform to Re-think, Re-imagine and Re-design the spaces, places and systems we have available to us, and that we have come to know and depend on. We want to work collaboratively alongside our audience and colleagues from multiple backgrounds to make our communities greener, more sustainable, and more resilient.

After The Pandemic

As a first challenge, LN-X will be a platform to host ideas about how to Re-think, Re-imagine and Re-design the city we call home: Glasgow.

Below are a series of pages setting out the groundwork for this project, and we ask you to get involved and contribute to the design of the ‘new normal’.


How can we re-think, re-imagine and re-design Glasgow in the wake of Covid-19? We advocate for a greener, sustainable and more resilient Glasgow.


Glasgow has one of the highest levels of vacant and derelict land within Scotland. How can we reactivate this land through creative initiatives?


We are actively looking for collaborators to get involved with this project. Find out how you can contribute towards the Glasgow of tomorrow.


We have created an online resource to map vacant and derelict land, public parks, national cycle routes and a variety of other Glasgow based data. Contribute your suggestions to our online map as we populate it over the coming weeks and months with your ideas.


As Covid-19 has hit towns and cities around the world some have adopted innovative approaches to the pandemic. Here are some of the places that have inspired us so far.


This project developed from a chat between friends spending time inside, thinking about the outside. Find out who’s involved so far and become a collaborator yourself.