Mapping Glasgow

This online map has been created to present several notable facts about Glasgow, which include; the publicly owned vacant and derelict land within Glasgow*, Glasgow’s current public parks, allotments, and all NextBike locations within the city.

These are the base layers.

It is our aim that the map will continue to develop over the coming weeks and months as we, us and you together, develop ideas for the future of Glasgow.

We want to begin a conversation with us - tell us about the vacant land in your community, the roads you would pedestrianise to make the city a more walkable and cyclable place, or really anything else you think needs changed within the city.

We will begin to populate this online map with your ideas too, so that it becomes a resource for others to take inspiration from. Get in touch with us by email:

*This map uses publicly available information from here (2017 data was published in 2018 and reflects 2017 status. It is the most up to date data available publicly. 2018 data, published in April 2019, is only available to public bodies and the education sector).

The overall vacant and derelict land within Glasgow in 2017 was 1110.95 hectares. In 2018 this had reduced to 1,005 hectares. Detailed data is not available publicly for anytime after the data published in 2018. We have contacted the Scottish Government to obtain most up to date data and have been informed that we will be notified as and when that becomes publicly available.

The data from 2017 only plots point data rather than polygons of each piece of vacant and derelict land. If you wish to see the outline of a specific piece of vacant/derelict land then please follow the hyperlink above.