The UK Capercaillie population has declined so rapidly that it is at very real risk of extinction. We worked together with Cairngorms National Park, Balmoral Castle and The Cairngorms Capercaillie Project to design and install this permanent exhibit in the old Queens stables in the Balmoral Estate.

From the beginning of the project it was clear that the design would have to completely transform the space. The stables were an unusual space in which to create an exhibition but they had a lot of character and interesting features. We began by exploring the idea of creating a woodland scene – taking visitors into the heart of the Capercaillie habitat.

The aim of the exhibit is to educate visitors on the life of the Capercaillie and how to avoid disturbing its habitat. We created a visual identity and colour scheme for the space based on this idea of nature and habitat. Sketch axonometric views helped us to discuss layouts and graphics with the client during the design process.

Full scale wall graphics of a Cairngorms forest scene were designed to make visitors feel like they were immersed in nature. As well as displays and interpretation design, we created a series of 'Capercaillie games' to engage people of all ages.

The final exhibition is a mix of immersive and educational tools to keep all ages entertained. This created an immersive space and totally transformed the old stables.