We worked together with the team at the Wardlaw Museum to bring 'Iran:Wonders of Nature' to life. The exhibition showcased incredible objects from Iran - featuring many from the renowned Sarikhani Collection - to St Andrews.

This exhibition delves into 5,000 years of Iranian history, showcasing how the environment has shaped the country’s culture and identity.Featuring ancient artifacts, stunning art pieces, and a deeper appreciation for the connection between nature and humanity. Our design approach aimed to celebrate the quality of the objects on display – with attention to the smallest of design details.

We began by creating a strong visual identity for the exhibition – with a focus on a distinctive colour palette and typographic style. There were 4 themes relating to nature and the traditional persian garden – or chaharbagh. Each theme was given its own colour – with the spaces separated by partitions featuring strong patterns representative or Persian history and design.

We created sketch axonometric views and models to envision how the layout would work and how visitors would journey through the space. The idea was to use minimal graphics in order to bring attention to the quality and details of the objects/artwork on display.

Based on these pieces of art, we designed illustrations to bring an element of playfulness and character to the walls. These tied together with the typographic style to create feature introductions to each section.

The transitions between different colour sections and lighting created an atmospheric journey for visitors. Light shone through the patterned partitions to leave spectacular shadows against the walls.

Cases and displays were built out to show off objects in their best light – with a premium look and finish. Interpretation panels were designed to blend in, whilst white text looked fresh and modern. We also created marketing materials for the exhibition like the poster shown below.