In 2018 Lateral North – in collaboration with Collective Architecture – engaged with local people, organisations and key stakeholders in the future development of Strathclyde Country Park in North Lanarkshire. The resulting master plan focused around the creation of a series of flagship projects (exploring the unique heritage of the park, the variety of sports available and access to the natural environment) as well as strategic and core projects (such as improvements to nature trails, road infrastructure and signage).

During the Covid-19 lockdown further engagement took place to make the park more accessible and pedestrianise areas so that people could appropriately social distance while still enjoying the spaces around the park.

Sitting right in between – and within walking distance of – Motherwell, Bellshill and Hamilton the park is a key resource for many people, community groups and organisations.

Another part of the master plan focused on developing digital experiences for the park that showcases all the park has to offer and provides visitors with information about the park’s nature, activities, leisure and heritage. Lateral North have developed an extensive digital map which responded to this brief which you can view above.