Lateral North were commissioned by the Wardlaw Museum to create a family friendly exhibition which asked us to question how unique we really are and understand our relationship with the animal kingdom.

Working with Dr Manon Sweinfurth, an interactive exhibition experience, which aimed to imitate ethical experiments carried out by The University of St Andrews scientists, was developed and created. The scientists, who work with animals to the highest ethical standards, have built relationships with whales, chimpanzees, rats and dogs and uncovered groundbreaking discoveries during their research. These experiments have been mimicked through an interactive pinball machine, board game design and whale song sound machine which required visitors to have a hands-on experience to fully understand similarities with different species often not considered.

As part of the exhibition delivery Lateral North designed the full wall graphic displays, physical interactives, films and marketing material for the exhibition. The temporary exhibition proved to be a great success with the highest visitor numbers recorded for such an exhibition at the Wardlaw Museum to date.