Representing Scotland at the 2016 Venice Bienalle

Delivered for the 2016 Venice Biennale, Prospect North showcased community and designer collaborative projects delivered throughout Scotland in augmented and virtual reality.

From social housing with a Nordic twist in Lerwick to NVA’s light installation at St Peters Seminary, the exhibition was a showpiece for successful regeneration of different scales in ‘peripheral’ Scotland. An interactive, topographic map of Scotland was used as a base to describe and locate these meaningful community projects on micro and macro scales.

Scotland is a country no longer on the periphery of Northern Europe, but instead a country which acts as the gateway between the Arctic and European regions.

The Arctic is a region which is undergoing drastic changes due to climate change, heating up quicker than any other region throughout the world. However, its influence reaches much further than the shores of Scotland, or even Europe.

Global warming and climate change are contributing to rising sea levels, unstable, and often dangerous, weather patterns and migrations of people on scales we’ve never witnessed before. The Arctic is experiencing the harshest of these changes and affecting countries and regions throughout the world.

The challenges facing us are truly global in scale and must be addressed as a world community. However, the Arctic offers the global community an opportunity to act differently in the future; to agree that this situation we find ourselves in will not happen again; and that we will work collaboratively for a better future.

Prospect North explores Scotland as an opportunity to test new ideas and also to provide visions and ideas which have seen the country transform from a fringe to frontier.

The role of the architect and designer has been brought to the forefront of community design as collaboratively they have merged cultural, social and economic needs into the fabric of our cities, towns, villages and rural areas to create visions for the future while also looking at how the micro affects the macro. These provocative visions have created a groundswell of debates and identified how a community itself wants to develop sustainably.

Prospect North explores all of these ideas, from the macro to the micro, built projects to visions of the future and how they work collectively to create a future possible Scotland by inviting you to enter the exhibition from the north.