Strathclyde Country Park

Strathclyde Country Park sits at the heart of Lanarkshire, a green space connecting the communities of Motherwell, Bellshill, Hamilton and Bothwell. Established in the 1970’s to provide access to water for the inland mining communities, the park has since become a key resource for rowers with Scotland’s only 2km rowing track, as well as a key resource for the people and organisations who live, work and play in the park.

However, as the park nears its 50th anniversary, and looking to address challenges and opportunities around creating a sustainable, carbon-neutral park, Lateral North and Collective Architecture were commissioned to develop a master plan for the park. This vision, developed alongside local communities and organisations, explored a range of topics including the history of the park from Roman times to the park as a destination for the Commonwealth games, what sporting activities could develop within the park, as well as highlight spaces which could be used for the education, health and well-being of locals.

A Country Park of the Future focuses around four flagship projects and a series of core proposals which establishes Strathclyde Country Park as a destination for locals, Scots and international visitors, providing unique experiences throughout the park. The final master plan will be presented to North Lanarkshire councillors in March 2020.