Uncertain Futures

Our practice developed from our architectural thesis and master works, with two projects responding to the theme set for us at the University of Strathclyde: Uncertain Futures.

From the Water and Possible Orkney responded to this theme investigating interventions at different scales.

Within Possible Orkney we looked at the changing patterns of international shipping and how the Arctic may open up to allow for a quicker shipping time between Europe and Asia. As a result could Orkney, with its strategic geographical position along these routes, as well as having one of the great natural harbours of the world, become a key nodal point for international shipping? And if so, how would this change Orkney in the next 50 years?

From the Water looked at local interventions and in particular how the coastline of the Outer Hebrides could be more productive. Historically the piers and harbours of the Western Isles were the central nodal points of the towns and villages, with many now lying derelict and vacant. Through a series of architectural interventions, From the Water focused on how these ‘town centres’ could be regenerated through innovative ideas including tourist attractions, micro industries and marine technologies.