100 Years. 100 Stories. 100 Students. 100 Prints.

Over the past five years (2014-2019), 100 years on from World War I, the Scottish Commemorations Panel have been asking the question ‘what do we learn from all this?’

Appointed by the Scottish Government to deliver a programme of events over that period, the commemorations panel have held traditional memorial ceremonies through to educational workshops in order “to inform people about Scotland's unique contribution to World War One and help them discover the effects of the war on their local communities and its lasting impact on life in Scotland today”.

As part of this programme of events, the Commemorations Panel appointed Lateral North to deliver a unique exhibition which engaged with the five print studios within Scotland. The design idea submitted to the opportunity by Lateral North proposed bringing together 100 ‘print students’ from throughout Scotland to work at the five print studios and for each student to create their own print which responded to a Scottish story from World War I.

100 Stories. 100 Students. 100 Prints.

Between January and May 2019 students have been introduced to the project, given their own story to respond to, sketch out their idea and then used traditional print techniques (screen print, linocut, wood cut, etching, risograph, collegraph and others) to create their own unique print.

In some cases students have visited the location of the story they are responding to. For example, the students working with the Highland Print Studio rowed out to the location of a sunken ship.

Lateral North, working collaboratively alongside each print studio, has delivered this programme of engagement throughout Scotland and are currently bringing together all these unique prints into an exhibition which will be exhibited in Edinburgh in September 2019 before travelling around Scotland over the coming years.