Lateral North began as an architectural masters project at the University of Strathclyde in 2013. At the time the architecture department was moving building and so the first Lateral North ‘office’ was formed by simply not telling anyone we were still in the almost empty building. That was until we were found and promptly told to ‘get out’.

Since then we have found our office home in the back of a 1990’s VW camper van, squatting (this time through invitation) at a few desks in the office of our friends at Dualchas Architects, and in the mezzanine level of a Swedish coffee house.

Then, in the summer of 2018, we moved into our current office in the city centre of Glasgow.

Situated on the fourth floor of Central Chambers (a former hotel which serviced Glasgow Central Station, and has since been converted into a series of office spaces) we are a mere hop, skip and jump away from the platforms at Central Station, with a beautiful view across Bothwell and St Vincent Street buildings. And, if you stick your head far enough out of our window you can even get a glimpse of Mackintosh’s Daily Record building.

Our office, split into two spaces, is adorned with drawings of past projects and sketches of new ideas, models, both physical and digital, games of fussball and is somewhere that plays the music of our friends through to deep-house playlists.

Our office has become a hive of activity over the past year as it has been used as a place for our collaborators to base themselves when visiting, a space to screw, glue and sand together exhibitions, and a chance to unwind on a Friday evening.

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