Lateral North is comprised of our two directors, Graham Hogg and Tom Smith, who started the practice in 2013, and our digital-content genius, Simon Forsythe, who joined the team in 2019. Simon is our inhouse photographer and filmmaker, while Graham and Tom are the community engagers and creative designers.

Graham Hogg

Graham is one of the co-founders of Lateral North. His role at Lateral North involves engaging with clients, organisations and communities to develop their projects with a strong focus on community involvement. Graham has worked extensively within the High North, leading projects in Alaska, Iceland and Norway and collaborating with international partners.

Graham is currently collaborating with Anchorage Museum on a future vision for the Arctic and part of a collaborative team delivering architectural workshops for Paisley Primary Schools focusing on the town’s heritage.

Tom Smith

Tom is one of the co-founders of Lateral North. His role at Lateral North involves getting his hands dirty and delivering the final output of the projects we work on. His hands on approach has a strong focus on participatory involvement ensuring that the communities and organisations we work with take ownership of the work they produced alongside us.

Tom is currently developing the brand and identity, as well as interpretation signage for Skye’s first Ecomuseum and a national exhibition working with 100 art students from throughout Scotland for the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland.

Simon Forsythe

Simon recently joined Lateral North at the start of 2019 and has quickly become a vital part of the team utilising his photography and film making skills to develop a wide variety of digital content for a number of projects currently in production for Lateral North.

These projects include developing five documentary films for the World War 100 exhibition which explores the work developed by the five print studios of Scotland. On top of this he has is currently developing a number of other short films for a variety of projects throughout Scotland.