Twenty years ago two primary schools were demolished in Ruchazie (Glasgow) leaving a large swathe of land vacant and derelict at the heart of the community. In the intervening period nature has reclaimed the land and there is now a wealth of biodiversity on the site.

The Link seeks to maintain this vast array of nature, wildlife, flora and fauna, while also providing spaces for the community to play, learn and grow, linking people together, to the environment around them, and to their communities past, present and future.

This live project is continuing to develop through 2023/24/25 and has received funding from the Scottish Government’s vacant and derelict land fund.

The Link will be run and maintained by local development trust Growing21 and is working in partnership with Ruchazie Pantry, Seven Lochs Wetland Park, TCV Scotland and Glasgow City Council with the ultimate aim of the local community owning and managing the land for the benefit of local people.

Lateral North have been involved in the community engagement, master plan development and project management of the overall project.