Lateral North works across disciplines harnessing design, architecture, masterplanning, community engagement, filmmaking, photography, digital technologies and interpretative design to creatively tell the stories of the people, organisations, communities, institutions and governments. We place design, creativity and innovation at the heart of every project which we work on with services split across six key areas. In many projects these services overlap to create multi-faceted projects combining physical installations and digital experiences.



We create engaging, provocative and exciting brands and identities, logos and iconography, digital graphics and physical prints. Design is applied across every project we work on and we focus on how it can be used to tell stories, engage people and as a force for good.

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We develop photography, filmmaking, motion graphics and audio landscapes. Our production studio focuses on creating bespoke, high quality digital experiences alongside the clients, communities and organisations we work alongside to creatively tell their stories.

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We immerse people in new digital environments and landscapes which place people in the past, present and future. Since 2016 we have been developing innovative projects within the metaverse ranging from virtual worlds and immersive exhibitions through to drone photogrammetry and augmented products and objects.

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We curate bespoke internal exhibitions and external interpretation. Our internal exhibitions bring together many elements of our practice, combining physical objects, digital immersion, filmmaking and photography to create engaging experiences. Our external interpretation tells the stories of landscapes, buildings, people and places, taking visitors on a journey throughout museums and art galleries without walls.

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We work alongside communities, organisations and institutions to generate, develop and design holistic master plans, strategies and ideas which reimagine spaces and places to be greener, more vibrant and more resilient. We work in collaboration with architects, urban planners, councils and other people within the built environment to ensure that the voices of key stakeholders are heard and that ideas are not considered in isolation, instead developed as part of a wider inclusive plan to move projects forward.

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We focus on how we use creativity and design to engage with people, communities and organisations to understand challenges, identify opportunities and generate solutions. Our engagement workshops bring together key internal and external stakeholders, encouraging people from different walks of life to develop ideas and proposals together; we develop marketing and promotional responses which best showcase ideas, projects and solutions graphically; and we take an active role in presenting our projects, ideas and overall methodology at local, national and international conferences, events and workshops.

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